January 31st 2019 at 8pm: with Aurora Orchestra players at Cooper Hall, Frome: Mozart (arr. Hummel) Concerto No. 18 (K.456); Fauré Piano Quartet in C minor

February 2nd at 7pm: with Mara Carlyle (singer) and Aurora Orchestra players at Kings Place, as part of Venus Unwrapped: Mozart (arr. Hummel) Concerto No. 18 (K.456); Anna Meredith Origami Songs; Emily Hall Life Cycle

February 3rd at 4pm: with Edington Ensemble at St. Martin’s Church, Salisbury: Mozart Piano Quartet in E flat; Fauré Piano Quartet in G minor

February 24th at 3pm: with Mathilde Milwidsky (violin) at St. Mary’s Church, Perivale


March 2nd: workshop with BCMG for Cambridge University composition students

March 5th: adjudicator for the annual piano competition at Whitgift School, Croydon

March 21st at 7:30pm: with BCMG at CBSO Centre, Birmingham: Rebecca Saunders

March 31st at 6:30pm: with John Crockatt (violin), as part of Norwich Chapel Concerts: Mozart; Schoenberg; Beethoven


April 5th at 9:15pm: with Sam Armstrong (piano) and Henry Baldwin + Antoine Siguré (percussion) at Kings Place, as part of Aurora Orchestra’s Lock-In series: Bartók Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion

April 13th – 16th: recording with BCMG at CBSO Centre, Birmingham: David Sawer


May 3rd at 7:30pm: with Diana Moore (mezzo-soprano) and Brian Kay (speaker) at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, Suffolk


June 14th at 7:30pm: with BCMG and Ensemble Court-Circuit (conductor: Jean Deroyer) at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire: Rebecca Saunders; Hilda Paredes; Maël Bailly; François Paris

June 21st at 7:30pm: with BCMG at CBSO Centre, Birmingham: Robert Reid Allan (new work: first performance)


July 6th at 7:30pm: with Edington Ensemble at Frome Festival, Somerset: Mozart; Schumann

July 8th at 7:30pm: with Iain Farrington (piano), the choristers of the Temple Church and the Bar Choral Society, at the Temple Church, London: Lambert; Dove

July 14th: Messiaen Turangalîla-Symphonie with Cynthia Millar (ondes martenot) and Asier Puga (conductor) in High Wycombe (private performance)


August 3rd – 9th: teaching at CSSM, Uppingham School

August 16th-18th: recording in London with Gallicantus

August 31st: with John Crockatt (violin) at Restoration House, Rochester, Kent: Mozart; Beethoven


September 22nd at 6pm: with BCMG at CBSO Centre, Birmingham: Sir Harrison Birtwistle at 85


October 3rd at 12pm: with John Crockatt at the Cobbe Collection, Hatchlands Park, Surrey: Mozart; Beethoven

October 3rd at 7:30pm: with Tim Orpen (clarinet) and Victoria Simonsen (cello) for Barnes Music Society: Bruch; Beethoven; Poulenc; Brahms; Rota

October 6th at 6pm: with BCMG at the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany: Sir Harrison Birtwistle at 85

October 13th at 7:30pm: Schumann Concerto in A minor with Sinfonia of Cambridge (conductor: Howard Williams) at West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge

October 20th at 4pm: with Edington Ensemble at St. Martin’s Church, Salisbury: Mozart; Dvořák

October 28th: with Iain Farrington (piano 4-hands) at 1901 Arts Club, Waterloo: Stravinsky (The Rite of Spring), Farrington, Ravel


November 2nd at 9:30pm: ‘Folk Roots’ with Maia Cabeza at Kings Place (part of the Aurora Orchestra Lock-In series)

November 19th: with BCMG and Ensemble Court-circuit in Paris: Hilda Paredes; Rebecca Saunders; Maël Bailly; François Paris

November 23rd at 7:30pm: with Mathilde Milwidsky at Penn House, Buckinghamshire: Beethoven; Clara Schumann; Brahms; Ravel

November 30th – December 8th: Beethoven and the Dinosaurs (part of the Aurora Orchestra Far Far Away series) at King’s Place

December 15th at 6pm: with BCMG (conductor: Michael Wendeberg) at CBSO Centre, Birmingham: Rebecca Saunders; Richard Causton; Shiori Usui; Vito Žuraj